At REO Solutions AZ, we believe in being prepared for any emergency that may arise. We have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan in place. Key personnel and qualified consultants must be able to;

  • Assess the vulnerabilities
  • Analyze available resources
  • Assign key command positions
  • Allocate interim support systems
  • Achieve minimum operational functions immediately
  • Attain optimum performance ASAP
  • Adjust for the next potential occurrence


Planning enables our company to enable the sustained execution of mission critical applications and operations in the event of an extraordinary event. Our team reviews and updates our plan at least twice annually to make certain everyone knows his/her roles, responsibilities and expected responses.


To develop and maintain this plan, REO Solutions AZ has considered the organizational, managerial and technical environments in which disaster recovery plans will be implemented. We’ve assessed the types and potential parameters of disasters most likely to occur, and analyzed the resultant impacts on our company’s ability to perform its critical business processes. From this information, we have compiled a list of protective measures to be implemented in anticipation of natural or man-made business interruptions.


  • Implement accurate and continuous vital records, data back-up, and off-site storage
  • Ensure capabilities for rapid transferal of voice/data communication to alternative sites
  • Provide necessary communications systems to the Critical Recovery Team
  • Secure alternative temporary sites for key business operations
  • Construct a contingency organization founded on trained response teams


A full copy of our Disaster Recovery Plan is available upon request to our customers.