We have a comprehensive marketing plan that demonstrates our capacity, capability and commitment to work as a dedicated listing broker for you.  Our team here at REO Solutions AZ has positioned ourselves to list and sell REO/Distressed assets successfully throughout our market areas, including all cities within the Phoenix Metro and Tucson Metro areas.

We believe that each and every property is unique and thus should be marketed as such.

A small example of our marketing plan for a property is as follows:

  1. Signage. We use the same high quality and size “For Sale” and hanging signs as those that are in use for our traditional listings and REO/distressed properties.  They are attractive and sturdy; installed and maintained by a reputable vendor. This avoids the run-down or less-than-the-best image often associated with REO/Distressed properties.

The office telephone number, website, and an agent’s after-hours cell number are displayed.  In addition to the “For Sale” sign, directional signs with an attention-getting flag, and “Open House” signs are placed strategically when select listings open for potential buyers to see.  Of course the “Equal Housing Opportunity” logo is printed on all signs, as is the Realtor® emblem.

  1. MLS and Website Listing. Our company is actively involved in the Southeast Valley Association of Realtors®. This also entails membership in the State Association and the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). We contribute to the political action fund and to all charity and community giving-back projects of the associations.

Each listing will be input to the appropriate Multiple Listing System (MLS) to serve the information needs of all agents in the area of the location of the listing. This will be completed and documented within 4 hours or less after receiving the assignment. The home will be featured on our own website, which is also printed on the signs.

In addition to a front view of the property, other photos that positively showcase the property will be attached, including a virtual tour video (if the property shows well in such a presentation). Directions to agents to submit offers will be included in “Agent Comments.” Of course, Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com, and Realtor.com will also be sent the listing. We also use FaceBook, text message marketing and various other forms of social media for marketing as well.

  1. Direct and Digital Marketing. Our firm is a proven REO performer and is an industry-recognized achiever that has won several awards for sales success and for implementing innovations using technology, smart phone apps, and online marketing tools.


Even with all the advances in technology we are now using, we also recognize that direct marketing is still effective using traditional print and media. A flyer will be produced for each property that highlights property in the best possible light. These flyers will be distributed to each neighborhood home surrounding the home being marketed. Oftentimes neighbors recruit buyers who are friends or family to look at properties nearby and our friendly professional agents will take those calls and promptly schedule a showing.