REO Solutions AZ is a full service real estate company offering professional REO/Distressed Asset, Deed in Lie and Short Sale Services for all our corporate clients. We provide full-service from eviction, all the way through close of escrow, depending on each client’s needs. Our goal is to provide timely, accurate information to assist your company with the sale of properties while improving your profitability. We believe in providing the highest quality of customer service to all clients.

The following is an overview of some of the services we offer;

  • Determine occupancy and secure the property. If the property is vacant we will secure it immediately, installing a lockbox per instructions. If the property is occupied we are experienced in assisting with evictions, lockouts, testifying in court and providing cash for keys. Post all needed documentation.
  • Check for any safety concerns, Trash-out, clean, and maintain property. We also will contract with vendors such as landscapers, pool service, etc. to maintain the property.
  • Connect utilities. Work with utility companies to establish or maintain services.
  • Payment and billing. All monthly reimbursements will be submitted in a timely manner per your specific procedures. We have the financial stability to cover up to $5,000 per property in expenses.
  • Prepare the property to sell. If you want repairs done on the property, we will employ the necessary contractors on your behalf. We will also provide both before and after photographs of the work upon completion.
  • Listing the property. Throughout the listing period we will keep you informed via monthly marketing reports. We will include any changes in market conditions and feedback we have received from showings. We utilize a strong, aggressive marketing program to help expedite the sale at the highest possible return on investment.
  • Offers. We utilize an online offer submission program. Upon receipt of any offer, we will immediately present it to you as per your instructions. We always request a pre-qualification letter from the buyer and verify funds on an all cash offers.
  • Escrow. We will open escrow as soon as you have accepted an offer, generate any necessary paperwork and make sure all contingencies are met. We will also keep you informed throughout the process. We verify with escrow that earnest money is properly deposited by Buyer within a timely manner. We monitor and follow-up with all parties including Buyer/Buyer’s Agent, Lender and Title Company throughout the escrow/closing process.
  • After close of escrow. We will send you all outstanding invoices within 30 days from the close of escrow.